10 Worst NBA Injuries of All Time

One common mishap when it comes to sport is an injury. Whether it is as bad as torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or just a simple scratch, it all is painful to bear. Football and hockey are the two most known sports where severe injuries tend to happen. However, basketball too can pose possible injuries Read More

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A Brief History Of Los Angeles Lakers Championship Runs

Within the world of basketball, there is no higher showcase of the globe’s best talents in players and coaching than in the National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA. It is the commonly held belief of purists and die-hard fans that the long-term goal of any franchise within the league is to pursue a Read More

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Lakers Trade News In 2016

The Lakers are now entering an era without Kobe Bryant. It is going to be something they are not used to. Kobe has been someone who has always taken up at least one spot on the starting roster, and they have never had to fret about it at all. It is time for them to Read More

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Why Kobe Byrant’s Retirement Will Help The Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers fans might not want to hear this, but the retirement of Kobe Bryant from basketball is probably going to be the best thing that happened to the franchise since they traded Vlade Divac to the Charlotte Hornets for Bryant two decades ago. While Bryant goes down as one of the best Lakers Read More

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Benefits Basketball Hall Of Fame

Basketball is a sport that is loved by people all around the world love and adores. It has made its way around the world rather quickly, and people always want to learn more about it and get more information and facts about the legends that have participated in this sport. The basketball hall of fame Read More

Who Is The New Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

In 2016, the Los Angeles Lakers fired coach Byron Scott to replace him with Luke Walton. Prior to becoming the head coach, Luke Walton was an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the elimination of Scott as the head coach, primarily surrounding their inability to make the Read More

How Will The Lost Angeles Lakers Starting Lineup Look Like

The Los Angeles Lakers and their fans had an extremely painful 2015-2016 season, finishing with a 17-65 record, the worst in franchise history. And with the departure of Kobe Bryant, it would be interesting to see how the Purple and Gold would move forward. They recently secured the 2nd overall draft pick, and the good Read More

The Uniforms of the Los Angeles Lakers: A Long and Storied History

A basketball team’s uniforms can tell you a lot about that team’s ideals, dreams, and dynamics. Some uniforms give off a traditional air that tells you that that team had traditional core values and a desire to succeed through hard work and perseverance. Other teams will have flashy modern uniforms that tell you that they Read More

Getting Los Angeles Lakers Season Tickets

Every sports fan dreams of being able to have season tickets to watch their favorite team play. The Los Angeles Lakers are no exception. In fact, so many people want to buy season tickets that there is actually a large waiting list. Getting Los Angeles Lakers season tickets takes quite a bit of time and Read More

Who Is The Official Mascot For The Los Angeles Lakers

There is an American basketball team by the name of the Los Angeles Lakers, one that originates out of Los Angeles California, that has been a very popular team since the 1940s. It has featured many of the top players in history including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, and James worthy to name a few. Most Read More

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