Getting Los Angeles Lakers Season Tickets


NBA Basketball Game By Keith Allison (FLICKR ) [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Every sports fan dreams of being able to have season tickets to watch their favorite team play. The Los Angeles Lakers are no exception. In fact, so many people want to buy season tickets that there is actually a large waiting list. Getting Los Angeles Lakers season tickets takes quite a bit of time and a lot of luck.

The process starts by adding your name to the waiting list. You can download the form to apply online. Currently, you have to submit a payment of $100 for each seat that you want. This deposit is simply to hold your place on the waiting list – not to purchase your seat. When seats become available, you will be contacted to make an appointment to go and choose your seats.

If there are no seats that you want available, then your deposit simply rolls over until the following season. You can request your deposit back at any time if you decide that you no longer want to be on the waiting list for season tickets.

If you do decide to choose your seats, you will be required to pay the fee for the tickets in full before you receive them. In some cases, this can be an extremely high amount of money. For instance, some season-ticket holders pay as much is $90,000 per season. Granted, the vast majority of seats are far cheaper than that. However, if you want really great seats, you need to be prepared to pay.

One of the benefits of having season tickets is that if you can’t make it to a particular game, you can always sell your tickets. Depending on the location of your seats, you may be able to get quite a good price for your tickets. This can help offset the cost of the season tickets.

Having season tickets can be a real thrill. Being able to attend every game that you want without having to worry about buying tickets takes a lot of the hassle out of being a fan. You can simply show up for the games and know exactly where you are sitting every time.

At the end of each season, you will have a chance to renew your season tickets. If you decide to renew, all you have to do is pay the renewal fee and the seats will be yours for another season. On the other hand, if you decide to let your seats go, you simply don’t pay the renewal fee and the seats will go to someone else who is on the waiting list.

Getting Los Angeles Lakers season tickets is a somewhat complicated process. You may have to be on the waiting list for several years before you get contacted about available seats. In the long run, however, it is worth it to become a season-ticket holder so that you can attend all of the games. There is no better way to show your loyalty to your favorite team than by purchasing season tickets to their games.