Lakers Players Who Helped Made the Team Great

Watching the Lakers play a game can be exciting, but it is also a challenge because so many times people have to know who the players are. This is when you should realise that Lakers players are some of the best in league history. These were also the players who have helped to set up some of the major rivalries that are present.

Past Players

The Lakers players of the past included Magic Johnson, Jerry West and several other players who helped to grow the Lakers fame. These players not only helped the team to grow, but they also helped to set some of the most historical rivalries not only in the team history, but in the history of the league. So these rivalries would help to grow the team’s legacy into a new height they never would have reached had it not been for these players.

Today’s Players

Something else that people need to realise is that today’s Lakers players have done so much to keep the focus on the court. The main player is Kobe Bryant who has brought quite a bit of attention to the team and their play on the court, rather than the off court antics that so many players have resorted to in order to draw attention from the crowd.

Watching a team play basketball is a good thing. And it’s amazing how Lakers players are able to help the team grow and establish a solid fan base.