Lakers Rivalries are Great

When you look at all the basketball teams you will find that hardly any of them have as many great rivalries as the Lakers. The Lakers are a team who has had some of the most famous rivalries in the league. The Lakers team has managed to expand on those rivalries and they are still continuing to this day to make some of the best games around.

Historical Rivalries

A couple of the historical Lakers rivalries are the Lakers and Jazz and the Lakers taking on the Bulls. Both of these really hinged on the players who were in the games. These players included Magic Johnson and the battles he had with Stockton, Pippen, and Jordan. These battles had the historical setting that people wanted to see.

Present Day Rivalries

With the modern times, rivalries for the Lakers have turned mostly into their own conference, but it still makes for some interesting play. In fact, the Lakers do battle with the Clippers quite a bit, making for a very interesting rivalry between these two teams. Just imagine the power of a state rivalry magnified because it is set in the same city, which makes this rivalry one that will last for years to come.

Having a chance to follow a basketball team is exciting, but for a lot of people it tends to be hard to figure out what makes the game so exciting. This is when you should know about a couple of the Lakers rivalries and how great these are for the teams. When you start to see how good this rivalry is, it is amazing how quickly you will start to fall in love with this team. Then you will enjoy watching Lakers games because you will know these games can easily become instant classics.