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Lakers Trade News In 2016

The Lakers are now entering an era without Kobe Bryant. It is going to be something they are not used to. Kobe has been someone who has always taken up at least one spot on the starting roster, and they have never had to fret about it at all.

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It is time for them to start looking towards the younger Lakers to see what they are all about. Can they take the mantle and run with it? Can they do what Kobe has done before them? The questions will answer themselves as some of the young talents continue to rush in.


What about the trades that are out there involving this team? There are a few rumors that have been making the rounds.


Ingram’s Role


The main thing that is going to decide who is brought in over this summer and next will involve Ingram. He is the franchise prospect they have been looking for. He was drafted 2nd overall after Ben Simmons and has become the heart of the Lakers immediately.


He is the one they are going to be leaning on.


There are other stupendously talented players such as Randle and Russel who are going to be there alongside for the ride.


Westbrook Might Come To LA


This is the big one and it has to start here for those who want to know more about what the Lakers are hoping to do as the season unfolds. They might be looking to pry Westbrook away from the Lakers and let him lead the team alongside Ingram.


Westbrook might want to leave now that Durant is gone and OKC is not the same team as it used to be. Ibaka is gone as well, which is only going to make things worse for him.


His contract is about to run out after this upcoming season, and he might want to get things done and dusted before. If that is the case, he might want to get traded out this summer and let things go from there. Lakers might be the team he is going to get traded to as they have the assets to get things done.


Cousins Looking For Way Out


This is one of the other big names that has been making the rounds when it comes to the Lakers and what they are ready to do. If there is one secret that has been let loose, it is the reality of Demarcus Cousins not being happy with the Kings and their management team.


The entire setup is not conducive to a winning team, and their record says it all about how they are doing and what is happening with them as things move forward.


Cousins is the best center in the game right now according to everyone. Can he revive his legacy with the Lakers alongside Ingram? This might be the plan to make things even better for the Lakers. The rumors are stating there is a lot of talks, but will it unfold over time and become a viable option or is it something that will just be discussed?


Nerlens Noel To Be Considered


Another angle they are looking at is Nerlens Noel who plays for the Sixers. This could be a good way to give Ingram another talented young player to play with. Noel has not gelled as well as he could have with the Sixers, but he is quite young and is still learning the game.


Can he learn it even better with the Lakers?


They might think so, and it could be a trade they would want to make. It might take one of the other rookies going the other way to get things done, though. This will make the Lakers hesitate.


Nikola Vucevic As Main Center


The center position is one they are thinking about beefing up. It is one they have been considering for a while, and that is why Cousins has been brought up as well. If they do swing and miss on Cousins, it is Vucevic who might end up being the right fit.


Bismack Biyombo is now in Orlando, and he is going to be starting. He is the one they have brought in to lead the pack.


What will happen to Vucevic? This is the question everyone including the big center will have, and it might be time for the Lakers to swoop in.


This is the current Lakers trade news and where they are when it comes to the market. Just like they always do, the Lakers are not going to be out of it for long. They are going to hope to get things rolling, and there are a lot of players who would love to play in LA.


Who are they going to bring in? This is the question that will be on their minds.