Who Is The New Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

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In 2016, the Los Angeles Lakers fired coach Byron Scott to replace him with Luke Walton. Prior to becoming the head coach, Luke Walton was an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the elimination of Scott as the head coach, primarily surrounding their inability to make the playoffs once again. There was also talk that he enabled Kobe Bryant, who just recently retired from the Lakers, as also part of the reason he was let go. Luke Walton was actually a member of the LA Lakers for several years. Although not a star player, he seems to have coaching ability. Let’s look at the history of the Lakers and some of the top coaches that they had which led them to the championships


Phil Jackson


Probably the most prolific coach in the Laker’s history was a man by the name of Phil Jackson. He was actually able to lead the LA Lakers to five world championships and had actually coached two times. The Lakers were known for two of the top players of all time which include Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. It seems with the leading of Kobe Bryant, it was time to put in a new coach and that is where Luke Walton comes in.


Luke Walton


He will become the youngest NBA coach in history. He is only 36 years old. He was a good team player, born in 1980, and was considered to be one of the hardest working players on the team. It was during 2006 where he had his best year, scoring as many as 25 points in a single game. He was signed by the Lakers for a $30 million contract, and during that time, helped win two NBA championships


Will He Be A Good Coach?


There are a couple of reasons why he will end up becoming a good coach. Part of that reason has to do with his training on the Golden State Warriors as an assistant coach. Additionally, he is a retired Lakers player. Although his first coaching experience was 2011 for the University of Memphis, he seems to have a lot of potentials. If they are able to get good players during the drastic, it will allow him to rebuild the Lakers who will no longer have Kobe Bryant to bring them along. It is a tough road ahead, but with the ability to build a completely new team, there is the possibility that they could have success.


Will There Ever Be A Championship Lakers Team Again?


There have been many star players on the LA Lakers in history. After his retirement, Kobe Bryant was placed as the number one player of all time, actually scoring 81 points in a game. Two of the more famous players in history include Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, names that are well known around the world. Two others include Wilt Chamberlain who actually scored 100 points in a game, and was well known during his time on the team. Shaquille O’Neal also ranks in the top five of all LA Lakers players, known for his enormous size and his nickname.

How Will He Take This Team Back To The Top?


Although he may have the best possible chance of providing superior coaching, there is no guarantee that he will ever have the high caliber players that this team once had. In the same way, that the Chicago Bulls never reached the same heights without Michael Jordan, this could be the same for the Lakers now that one of their greatest players is gone.


Once Luke Walton is able to get a few good players, there is the possibility that there may be another Wilt Chamberlain or Magic Johnson in the mix. You never know which players will actually become the next Kobe Bryant until they actually get to play. Sometimes you can see potential in a player that comes out later once they get used to playing the game professionally. It is just difficult to know what the future holds for the LA Lakers but it seems that Luke Walton will provide them with the best possible chance of regaining what was once a stellar reputation as one of the top dynasties in the NBA.