The Uniforms of the Los Angeles Lakers: A Long and Storied History

los angeles lakers uniform

LA Lakers Basketball Uniform By anthony shao (Flickr) [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

A basketball team’s uniforms can tell you a lot about that team’s ideals, dreams, and dynamics. Some uniforms give off a traditional air that tells you that that team had traditional core values and a desire to succeed through hard work and perseverance. Other teams will have flashy modern uniforms that tell you that they are teams that will try new things and try to win big with pizazz. The uniforms of the Los Angeles Lakers are truly unique because they do both at the same time. They are traditional while being glamorous, and modern while being classic. It’s really a huge success of the design and working together to get something really right. I can’t think of any sports team uniform that is better than the uniforms that the Los Angeles lakers wear, so let me tell you all about their amazing and intricate history.


Another thing that sports team uniforms have a big effect on is how many people will want to buy team jerseys to wear around to show their pride and love for the team. Jerseys that have good colors and nice logos fit very well into many people’s choices for fashion clothing, so they will sell a lot of jerseys, making a lot of profits for the team and making large royalties for the players. This is very important, as the more money a team takes in from jersey and apparel sales, the better the players it will be able to recruit and the better the facilities it will be able to build for its players to train inside of. In addition to that, when players are receiving lots of royalties from the sales of their jerseys and apparel when they’re on a certain team, it makes them happy and proud of their team, which makes them play better and with more heart, and less likely to take an offer from another team that might not have such attractive jerseys and apparel.


Personally, I collect Los Angeles Lakers uniforms because I love their designs. Of course, I buy at least three copies of every new version of every jersey that they release. I use one to wear, one as a backup to wear instead of my original first one if my first one gets damaged or stained, and one that I will never wear. I put that third one in my archives and keep it hidden away from the world, protected from the ravages of the harsh elements. It pleases me to do things in this way – I have a pristine copy of every jersey that has ever been released, and I think that I would just die if I ever were to lose my collection.


But having these jerseys is not nearly as pleasing to me as having the original and actually worn in-game uniforms of many players in my collection. These are considerably more difficult to lay my hands on – they are very expensive on eBay and other sports paraphernalia sites, but I like them so much that I do everything that I can to collect as many as I can. Money is no object, because I received a very large inheritance from my father when he died, and I cannot spend this money fast enough to even make up for the interest that accrues on the fortune. It is really a great existence, and I do not know what I would do if I could not buy all of the uniforms that I desire.


Anyway, these uniforms are extremely pleasing to collect to me because every single one is different from all the others, even when it is from the same players. There are very subtle differences in wear patterns and sweat stains depending on how the player was playing that day, and what’s also interesting is that the smell of the uniforms can vary dramatically based on how things went that day. I have noticed that when I purchase a uniform from a game in which the player who wore the uniform lost, it smells of fear and desperation with a healthy dose of anxiety and worries. These smells manifest themselves in scents of garlic, onion, and sulfur. However, when I buy a uniform that a player wore in a game that he won, the finest thing about it is the exquisite scent. There really is nothing like the scent of hope and joyous vigor that comes off a basketball player who is playing well and in his prime, for he knows that he is just about on top of the entire world at that time, and the odors that become imprinted onto his uniforms smell like the finest roses with notes of lightning and the amazing flame of victory.